Super 64

Classy and Impressive.

The rich smooth sounds of the Super 64 will take you to the next level of maturity with your playing style.  All the benefits of a 16-hole chromatic in a sleeker design that is a bit classier and more impressive.

Take it with you on gigs to add extra authority to your performance.  Or keep it at home for special occasions.  It’s meant to be savored.  Specially shaped sleek cover plates, silver plated mouthpiece, black body.


  • Plastic injection moulded comb
  • Stainless steel covers
  • 64 Classic chromonica reeds
  • Full 4 octave range
  • 1.05 mm brass reed plates
  • Replacement reed plates available
  • Silver plated mouthpiece with round holes
  • Available in C-major
Order no. M758201
item name Super 64
type chromatic
Key C
tuning chromatic
Number of holes 16
Reeds 64 brass
Cover surface stainless steel
Reed plates 1,05 mm brass
Reed plate surface brass
Mouthpiece surface silver
Slide construction zigzag
Comb ABS, black
length 19,3 cm

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