Mixer Mackie dfx6

Mixer MACKIE Dfx 6 – (6 Canali, 4 ingressi microfonici xlr + mono) . Processore Effetti Digitale . EQUALIZZATORE 5 bande + 2 su canali. VOCAL ELIMINATOR (eliminazione voce dal brano cantato), PHANTOM POWER + 48 V,



60mm logarithmic taper faders

Pro-quality low noise, high headroom mic preamps with switchable phantom power

32-bit EMAC custom Digital EFX Processor with 16 effects

5-band stereo graphic equalizer with 12dB boost/cut, Bypass and Aux/Main Assign

2-band channel strip shelving EQ at 80Hz and 12kHz

75Hz Low Cut filters and inserts on mono mic/line channels

Input trim controls with LED level set indicators

Separate Aux Send and Effects Send for each channel

2 stereo Aux Returns

Master Aux 1, Aux 2/EFX and CD/Tape Return faders

Effects to Monitor feature with separate rotary level control

Tape/CD inputs and Tape outputs

Vocal Eliminator switch for “Karaoke” use

Break Switch for playing music between sets

Headphone output with separate rotary level control

Balanced/unbalanced XLR and 1/4 in. main stereo outputs

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